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The better place for women's healthcare!

Do you have a health concern that you think is too daunting to discuss? There's absolutely no need to be overwhelmed, TOG will take you by the hand and provide the most efficient , modern and quality care specifically for you! Do not hesitate to make an appointment as soon as possible!
Effective OBGYN Care
Maintaining optimal health does not have to be difficult , let TOG take you by the hand and cater for your needs.
  • Medicinal Provision
  • Safe Deliveries
  • Instant Operation & Appointment
  • Competent Doctors

TOG Aims To Deliver Quality Women's Care and
Health Treatment!

Meet Our Doctor

TOG's Certified Doctors & Nurses

Meet Our Doctors & Nurses!

We strive to ensure that our patients are comfortable the moment they walk in. Our experience and understanding are unmatched which means you won't have to be intimidated when it's time for a visit 🙂

It does not matter what your situation is, the TOG team is ready to tackle your OBGYN health concerns or help prepare you for the successful delivery of your precious baby!

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Dr. Christopher Fletcher
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician MB, BS, DM (OBGYN), FACOG
Nurse Staff
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We Deliver Quality Care for our Patients!

Women are delicate beings especially during pregnancy, therefore we make it our duty to exercise patience, quality care as well as the most advanced resources to ensure safe and successful prenatal care and delivery for you.
Did You Know? Vaginal discharge is a substance composed of a mixture of liquid, cells and bacteria to serve to protect and lubricate the vagina. It is produced constantly by the cells of the vagina and cervix and exits the body through the vaginal opening. Any change in the balance of normal bacteria in the vagina can affect the smell, colour, or texture of the discharge. A few of the things that can upset that balance include: antibiotic use, sexually transmitted infections, diabetes and cervical cancer. Find out more in our blog post.
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